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Saturday Morning Trip to NC State Farmers Market in Raleigh!

One of our favorite things to do on Saturday morning…..visit NC State Farmers Market!  All year around you are able to buy from local farmers bounty!  We love the fresh fruit, veggies, breads, honey and plants!  Check them out on the web


Fresh Juicy Peaches!

Raspberries & Blueberries

Fresh Baked Goods! Smells sooo good!

Fresh Cut Flowers!

Local Honey! Great for Allergies!


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NASA Tweetup – going with the flow!

After being selected to be a part of the NASA Tweetup, I realize how much I do not know!  I am excited to learn. With all the past participants who have posted on FaceBook and Twitter helpful hints, I know my journey will be an opportunity of a Lifetime!!!

Did you know that 4,100 people applied to be part of this NASA Tweetup?  NASA selected 150 to participate.  It was a random selection.  The people were selected from all over the world.  I am very excited to meet them.  I have learned how to properly contact the local media…thanks to Jennifer Huber.  She also was selected for this wonderful event.  I will post my Media Release. The past participants have been there for all of us.  We post questions and they are right there.  They have given us advice on the right lens for our cameras.  Did you know that you can rent a lens for your camera instead of buying one from  I also need to know if I have all the right Tweeting equipment.  Will I just need my Mac or will I also need my Ipad?  Is my camera good enough?  What about a video camera?  Is my phone the right phone? (Actually, I wanted an Iphone….so know I had the perfect excuse!) What about a place to stay? Some of our group are going to rent a house together instead of a hotel….actually the are several houses.  I am very lucky to have a relative that lives near Kennedy Space Center.  I will be crashing with them for a few days. How am I going to get there?  Can someone come with me?  Can I get time off of work?

On top of all that logistical stuff, what about my lack of knowledge about the Space Shuttle and NASA.  I have been reading, watching videos, websites and watching movies.  I have noticed that I am on Twitter a whole lot more. I have decided that I am going to focus on the personal experience.  I plan on talking to my fellow tweeps to learn their stories also learn more about our speakers.

Once I think I have things under control……they delay the launch!  Need to make sure all of the plans that I made will still be okay for the new launch date.  This is not an option…..I AM GOING TO BE THERE!!!!


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Media Release


CONTACT: Carol Adams

Tel: 919-632-1433


Wake County Resident is One of 150 Selected to Attend NASA Tweetup, April 28 – 29, 2011

NASA Twitter Followers Will Tweet Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Last Launch

Knightdale, NC (April 05, 2011) – NASA will bring together 150 Twitter followers to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a two-day Tweetup, April 28 – 29, 2011, during the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour. Wake County resident Carol Adams has been selected as one of 150 @NASA Twitter followers to attend and Tweet the event. Endeavour is targeted to launch on April 29 at 3:47 p.m. EDT on mission STS-134 to the International Space Station.

As a NASA Tweetup attendee, Adams and the other 149 Twitterers will interact with NASA shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, managers and NASA’s social media team as well as tour the Kennedy Space Center and view the shuttle launch from the media area. Attendees were selected through a lottery system in which more than 4,100 @NASA Twitter followers applied.

“Being selected for the NASA Tweetup is an incredible honor especially since the space shuttle program is winding down,” Adams said, “I remember watching the first steps on the moon as a child and now being asked to document this event is a dream come true! Being part of the NASA Tweetup means I’ll meet people who make the space shuttle program successful, and interact with fellow Tweetup attendees from all over the world. Through Twitter, I’ll be sharing the incredible experience with my followers by composing informative Tweets no longer than 140-characters and posting photos and videos.”

Adams is a long time resident of Knightdale.  Adams will bring an everyday perspective to an extraordinary event.  Follow her Tweets at

NASA Tweetup attendees are traveling from across the U.S. and the globe to attend this historic event. A list of registered Twitter attendees can be found on the NASA Tweetup Twitter account:

Information about the NASA Tweetup can be viewed at

Note About Endeavour’s Launch Date

The date of Endeavour’s launch will be official after the Flight Readiness Review, scheduled for April 19.  If the launch date moves or is delayed prior to April 29, NASA will make every attempt to adjust the Tweetup schedule accordingly to coincide with the launch.


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The Journey Continues – Being Selected

I was selected to be a member of the NASA Tweetup group April 18 and 19th to watch the Space Shuttle Launch of Endeavour!!!!

It all began with an account with Twitter.  Our son, Mike, encouraged me to set up an account.  Why, I am not exactly sure….Who even cares what I think.  I don’t even know the lingo!  What is a tweet?  How do I post something?  Who do I follow?  What do I say?  What is a DM? I just don’t understand!  Who sees what I post?  So much to know, so much to understand!

Don’t worry about it Mom, just do it!  So I did.  So forgive me Tweeps if I do something wrong.  This is all trial and error!  I am here to have some fun!

So I followed Mike, Jim and Emmy (my husband and daughter).  I followed some celebrities.  I used the suggested “Who to follow”.  I tried searching for things that interested me.  So that is where it began.  Slow!

Then my son, Mike, was selected to be part of the Tweetup group to watch the last launch for the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  Wow, what an honor!  He was so excited!  I was so proud of him.  I followed his tweets and posts while he was there.

So the next time NASA was accepting applications for the next Space Shuttle Launch Tweetup, we all applied!  No luck…well, we really did not expect to be selected anyway. Don’t they select NASA nuts, people who use Twitter all the time???

Once again, NASA sent out another post that it was time to apply again for another Launch.  Oh well, it is worth a try.  But really, out of thousands of applicants, why would I be one of the lucky ones?

I return from work one day and my husband said “Well, I received my email today and I was not selected for the launch.”

My response to him was, “Well, that is so sad for you but I feel lucky today!!!!”  Since I do not check my personal email at work, I opened my email.  At first glance I did not notice anything from NASA.  But at closer inspection, I saw an email STS-134 NASA Tweetup CONFIRMATION!

I opened it and started reading:

Dear Carol Adams,

Congratulations, your registration has been selected to attend the NASA Tweetup at space shuttle Endeavour’s targeted launch April 18-19 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida! The event will provide you the opportunity to speak with shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, and managers, and to experience the launch of space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station.

After reading several times, I made Jim read it to make sure it was true!  After screaming and jumping up and down, I called Mike.  He was so excited for me.  Of course, the first thing he did was send out a tweet!  Boy, do I have a lot to learn!

I need to get up to speed on how to tweet correctly, how to post pictures, how to live tweet (which is apparently different than just tweeting), how to retweet.  Also I need to get better at blogging.  I need to learn more about the space program, Endeavour, NASA and a whole lot more.  I need to make travel and lodging arrangements. I need to ask for time off of work…because this in not an option….I AM GOING!!!!  Do I have the right stuff to record this wonderful, once in a lifetime experience!!!!

Someone pinch me…..I am going to be a guest of NASA to share my experience of the last Space Shuttle Launch of Endeavour!

PS. At this point, I think I have a total of maybe 40 followers on Twitter!


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Moving Into the Age of Social Media

It all started with my daughter, Emmy, leaving for Spain to study abroad for six months.  We needed a way to communicate.  We decided Facebook would be an easy and inexpensive way to go.  We also opened accounts on AIM and Skype.  Emmy, of course, had to introduce us to use all of these new forms of communication.  I loved being able to see her face when she was so far away!  We would chat and see pictures that she posted of all of the places she traveled.

When she returned, I kept all my accounts active.  I discovered that I could reconnect with friends from my past.  We moved from the town I was raised in the early eighties.  I lost contact with most of my childhood friends.  What a blessing to know when a major event happens in their lives.  I was able to let a friend’s mother know what she meant to me as I was growing up before she passed.  Send birthday wishes, tease each other on getting older and remind each other of old times.

My son, Mike, is the one who encouraged my husband, Jim, and I to start a blog about our backyard farm.  We recently started raising chickens.  We put in some square foot gardens.  We struggle with making the time to blog.  Mike is always telling us that people are interested in what we are doing, so we try to  think of things we find interesting to blog about.

Mike is also on the leading edge of technology.  As a web developer, part of his position is to test and he is encouraged to explore social media.  Mike is very active on Twitter.  Mike also encouraged us to join.  He is always going to Tweetup Meetings.  He meets interesting people.  Mike was even selected to watch and report on the NASA Space Shuttle Launch of Atlantis.  What a wonderful honor!

So this is the beginning of my own journey into the land of Social Media……more posts to follow!


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Pumpkin Crunch





½ teaspoon CINNAMON





Mix pumpkin, milk, sugar, cinnamon, eggs.  Pour into a wax paper lined 9 X13 pan.  Sprinkle dry cake mix evenly over top.  Then add chopped nuts; drizzle butter over top.  Bake 350 degrees for 50 minutes (be careful that the nuts do not burn)



Mix 8 ounce cream cheese

¾ cup Cool Whip

1 ½ cup powdered sugar

Cover Cooled Pumpkin Crunch with Topping

Pumpkin Crunch


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Preparing for Freezer Camp

Our meat chickens are almost ready to go to “Freezer Camp”.  I know this is not a pleasant topic but we are concerned about our food source and we would like to control what we are able to control.  We also want to be prepared if we need to depend on ourselves for our food source.  Jim and I have researched the most humane way to process our meat chickens.  We have read many articles and watched videos to help us prepare.  We thought out the lay out of each station, reviewed the process, and purchased what we did not already have on hand.  Just to make sure we knew what we were doing, we thought a trial run might be in the best interest for all involved.  We will post about the process when we document the Road to Freezer Camp at a  later time.

We decided that since the roosters are supposed to be ready for harvest a week or so before the hens, a rooster would be the logical choice.  We learned somethings during the processing of this chicken.

*  Our homemade killing cone was not big enough for our chickens.  We decided to make one instead of purchasing one because we are not sure we will do this process again. We will review and discuss everything later.

*  The water was hotter than the recommended 150 degrees.  We did not think that a couple of degrees would make that much difference……Yes it does!!!  The skin was very fragile and tore when we were plucking.

*  We also forgot to put dish soap in the scalding pot.  Meat chickens are a lot more dirty than our laying hens.  Our meat chickens have debris on their bellies.

*  When making the access for the removal of the insides, I made it too big.

So while these errors were fresh, I recommended to try again to get it right.  The second chicken was processed much more efficiently.  After cleaning up, Jim went to collect the eggs from our laying hens and discovered one of the meat chickens was dead.  We are not certain why.  Once processing this chicken we discovered that there was a lot of dry feed in it’s throat.  The chicken was found near the water.  Did it choke or have a heart attack?  Both of these are good possibilities.  The meat chickens are known for having heart attacks and breaking legs when they get closer to harvest time.

We are prepared for next weekend.  Jim and I will be able to direct those who choose to help us.  More information on some of the articles and videos that we used for research will be included in that post.


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Good Friends

What are good friends?  Are they people you know very well or are they people who are in your life for a long time?  Can they join you on your journey for just a short time or to help you through one event in your life?  I have had many friends in my life that I would consider good friends.  There are some friends that I have not seen or spoken with in years, but the minute I see or speak with them it seems like only minutes or days have passed. I truly believe that people come in and out of your life for a reason.  I may or may not know what it is for a long time…maybe never.  I try to make everyone I come in contact with feel important.  As Oprah once said “Everyone has a story.”  I enjoy listening to everyone’s story.  It is hard to understand people if you do not know their story.

This weekend I was honored to participate in saying goodbye to Bob Fraleigh.  After his death, his wife became my best friend.  Sheila and her boys are not only friends of our family but part of our family.  A group of friends and family gathered together at Indian Beach, NC to honor and say our final goodbyes to Bob.  We were able to stay together thanks to another friend Nathan!  He was gracious enough to allow us to stay at his beach house for the weekend.

As the sun sets on this chapter of Sheila and boys lives,  may they know that we will always be here for them!  Bob rest in peace!



Saturday Night Sunset


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Labor Day Weekend!

Jim and I spent the weekend at Lake Gaston in Virginia.  We have some friends that have a place at River Ridge Golf and Camp.  What a great place!  We spent one day being lazy on the deck under a tree.  The weather was perfect.  The other day, we spent on the lake.  We fished (did not catch any), cruised the lake, and went swimming.  We had a wonderful time.  It reminds me of the days of camping in Canada when I was growing up.  The food was out of this world.  Lance cooks a mean breakfast!  The people are always so nice and welcoming.  You really have to be up on your football when you visit.  Barb even drove me to Drunk Beach!  I wasn’t sure we were going to make it down the last hill.  Barb is the best!  Michelle, Sheila, Lance, Levi, Jim and I sat around the campfire.  Had many visitors that joined us through out our visit.  It was super to see everyone!  Hope to be back soon.  I would have pictures but Michelle confiscated my phone when we got there!!!  It made for a more relaxing visit.  (Actually, I found it Monday morning and took a few pictures.  I will try to post later!)


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Colors of the NC State Farmer’s Market

Cone Flowers

Red and Yellow Peppers

Huge Bags of Peanuts

Egg Plants

Peppers of Every Color!


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