NASA Tweetup – going with the flow!

April 12

After being selected to be a part of the NASA Tweetup, I realize how much I do not know!  I am excited to learn. With all the past participants who have posted on FaceBook and Twitter helpful hints, I know my journey will be an opportunity of a Lifetime!!!

Did you know that 4,100 people applied to be part of this NASA Tweetup?  NASA selected 150 to participate.  It was a random selection.  The people were selected from all over the world.  I am very excited to meet them.  I have learned how to properly contact the local media…thanks to Jennifer Huber.  She also was selected for this wonderful event.  I will post my Media Release. The past participants have been there for all of us.  We post questions and they are right there.  They have given us advice on the right lens for our cameras.  Did you know that you can rent a lens for your camera instead of buying one from  I also need to know if I have all the right Tweeting equipment.  Will I just need my Mac or will I also need my Ipad?  Is my camera good enough?  What about a video camera?  Is my phone the right phone? (Actually, I wanted an Iphone….so know I had the perfect excuse!) What about a place to stay? Some of our group are going to rent a house together instead of a hotel….actually the are several houses.  I am very lucky to have a relative that lives near Kennedy Space Center.  I will be crashing with them for a few days. How am I going to get there?  Can someone come with me?  Can I get time off of work?

On top of all that logistical stuff, what about my lack of knowledge about the Space Shuttle and NASA.  I have been reading, watching videos, websites and watching movies.  I have noticed that I am on Twitter a whole lot more. I have decided that I am going to focus on the personal experience.  I plan on talking to my fellow tweeps to learn their stories also learn more about our speakers.

Once I think I have things under control……they delay the launch!  Need to make sure all of the plans that I made will still be okay for the new launch date.  This is not an option…..I AM GOING TO BE THERE!!!!


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