Moving Into the Age of Social Media

April 06

It all started with my daughter, Emmy, leaving for Spain to study abroad for six months.  We needed a way to communicate.  We decided Facebook would be an easy and inexpensive way to go.  We also opened accounts on AIM and Skype.  Emmy, of course, had to introduce us to use all of these new forms of communication.  I loved being able to see her face when she was so far away!  We would chat and see pictures that she posted of all of the places she traveled.

When she returned, I kept all my accounts active.  I discovered that I could reconnect with friends from my past.  We moved from the town I was raised in the early eighties.  I lost contact with most of my childhood friends.  What a blessing to know when a major event happens in their lives.  I was able to let a friend’s mother know what she meant to me as I was growing up before she passed.  Send birthday wishes, tease each other on getting older and remind each other of old times.

My son, Mike, is the one who encouraged my husband, Jim, and I to start a blog about our backyard farm.  We recently started raising chickens.  We put in some square foot gardens.  We struggle with making the time to blog.  Mike is always telling us that people are interested in what we are doing, so we try to  think of things we find interesting to blog about.

Mike is also on the leading edge of technology.  As a web developer, part of his position is to test and he is encouraged to explore social media.  Mike is very active on Twitter.  Mike also encouraged us to join.  He is always going to Tweetup Meetings.  He meets interesting people.  Mike was even selected to watch and report on the NASA Space Shuttle Launch of Atlantis.  What a wonderful honor!

So this is the beginning of my own journey into the land of Social Media……more posts to follow!


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