Good Friends

September 26

What are good friends?  Are they people you know very well or are they people who are in your life for a long time?  Can they join you on your journey for just a short time or to help you through one event in your life?  I have had many friends in my life that I would consider good friends.  There are some friends that I have not seen or spoken with in years, but the minute I see or speak with them it seems like only minutes or days have passed. I truly believe that people come in and out of your life for a reason.  I may or may not know what it is for a long time…maybe never.  I try to make everyone I come in contact with feel important.  As Oprah once said “Everyone has a story.”  I enjoy listening to everyone’s story.  It is hard to understand people if you do not know their story.

This weekend I was honored to participate in saying goodbye to Bob Fraleigh.  After his death, his wife became my best friend.  Sheila and her boys are not only friends of our family but part of our family.  A group of friends and family gathered together at Indian Beach, NC to honor and say our final goodbyes to Bob.  We were able to stay together thanks to another friend Nathan!  He was gracious enough to allow us to stay at his beach house for the weekend.

As the sun sets on this chapter of Sheila and boys lives,  may they know that we will always be here for them!  Bob rest in peace!



Saturday Night Sunset


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