Freezing Peaches

August 28

Peaches are in at the Farmers Market and your local fruit stands!

Why not freeze some so that you can enjoy them during the winter?  I chose “cling free” or “freestone”  peaches. I try to buy locally grown if I can.  I chose this variety because the fruit releases from their pit much easier…I learned this the hard way!  Freezing peaches is easy to do and are great when you just want a taste of summer during a cold winter.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Select fresh freestone peaches that are starting to feel soft but are still firm

Wash the peaches. Set on towel to dry.

You can put them in boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove and place them in ice water.  Then remove the skins.  (I don’t mind the skin so I did not do this step.)

Cut the Peaches in half

Then cut into quarters. Remove from pit.

As you are cutting the peaches, remove any blemishes, bruises or overripe parts of the peach.

Place on trays to freeze

Place in freezer until frozen

Label your bags. Place peaches in bags. Return to freezer.

When you are ready to use.  Remove from freezer; place in bowl to thaw in refrigerator.  Use in peach cobbler, smoothies or over ice cream!   The nice thing about freezing this way is that you can use the whole bag or only what you need. They do not freeze into one glob!!! YUM…Enjoy!


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